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Female photographer at the amazing studio

Boudoir Pricing

Hold your breath and count to 10 Nobody with my skills (plus the amazing!! one of a kind studio) sells original digital files and edits for this price!  Unlimited printing rights included with all photos. You'll get: the Basass/Goddess photo shoot, hot & beautiful images

I’m Fat, Scared and Have no Lingerie

Fast Facts: I was blessed to photograph many ladies in any possible age/body type/nationality/look.  Most likely,  you'll see seriously hot and beautiful images of you. :) Yes, I'm such a badass. :) And you'll feel like a badass after the shoot. I shoot light/airy, dark/moody

Goddess Boudoir

I got the setting to shoot Goddess boudoir. Do you feel like a Goddess inside? How about outside? Do you feel like you ready to see yourself in a new light?

One photo shoot. So many ideas.

Please note, to shoot ALL these ideas we need 4 hours photo shoot. I also added a few more ideas and will update the page soon. Thank you! One photo shoot. So many ideas. GODDESSTHE BEDGREY WALLFRENCH/ITALIAN COUCHEDITINGLUXURY BEDDINGTHE BEDDARK FLOWER WALLWINGSFRENCH/ITALIAN SOFATHE FRENCH DOORGYM


What is the most important for makeup? Girl, I'm so glad you booked! Under eyes area Skin (foundation): not at all because I airbrush. No foundation needed Moisturizer A lot of mascara ($6 L'Oreal Voluminous is amazing) Lipstick and lip pencil Blended Contouring A little

Bed Boudoir Photoshoot at Delight Photo Studio

Reasons to do boudoir photo shoot: To feel empowered and beautiful   To gain self-confidence   To improve your body image If you want to go through a boudoir photo shoot, all you have to do is to visit Delight Photo Studio. At here, all


Some examples of editing. How much editing is done is up to you. Stretching marks and etc will be gone if requested. In addition, I edit first and after add different variations. No further discounts if editing is opted out. And you can see more

About and Studio

FAST FACTS: I’m half unicorn half wonder woman. 🙂  I shoot light/airy, dark/moody and all in between styles. I’m awkward at it’s fines. I love to shoot boudoir and very proud I do it.  Changing the world. ABOUT: Welcome to my website!   You probably would

New Flower Wall

Got New Flower Wall !!!! Cannot wait to take your beautiful photographs! I also have a second beautiful flower wall:   HERE:

The Grey Wall

I have this amazing setting that look like painting:       I’m the female boudoir and fitness photographer with the gorgeous studio in South Surrey (Close to Vancouver, BC).


Boudoir Wings

Update: The Wings are included in $199 and up packages. --------------- I got the 6 feet wings!!  Right at my amazing studio in South Surrey 45 minutes from Vancouver. Will post more photos soon. Are you ready to see yourself in a new light! I'm

Light Wall Stage boudoir photography

I got this light wall at my studio (close to Vancouver, BC). Bring you ideas to shoot: sexy audition, express yourself and more. Calling dancers, performers, singers and all Goddesses. I got the guitar, mic and etc. I even have a firefighter jacket that looks

Luxury Bedding

I’m adding luxury bedding!  Three different sets in Grey ,  Purple and White!!!   They will be included in the highest package. Will post more photos soon. I’m the female boudoir photographer at the amazing studio located close to Vancouver.

Instagram: follow us!

Follow us on Instagram: BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER Maria on Instagram Legs! And happy Saturday. :) Are you ready to see yourself in a new light! And yes, fishnets are provided with two packages. Or can be purchased $10. Female photographer Maria at the coolest studio!

The Gym (including Boxing)

My Gym is open for shooting! Also got setting to shoot Boxing.  Pleases contact me before booking Boxing. It's a separate shoot. I'm the Beauty, Boudoir and Fitness photographer providing photography at the amazing studio.      

The Chair

I got three chairs: the Papasan, the Dusty Pink and the Leather . Will be adding photos soon.  

The Classy Couch & Boudoir

It cannot be better than shooting boudoir using also the French provincial couch at my studio in White Rock.   See magnificent photos I posted below:   And now my favourite part: what different people said about Boudoir: Reason for boudoir Photography is too liberate

Shower Boudoir Photo Shoot

I got the shower at my studio!  Shooting at the end of the shoot.  Super easy since you’ll be behind the door with water. To see all images from the shower, please message me for password to this page. You must be age 20+ to

Papasan Chair

For ladies who are not secure about your belly area. I got this amazing papasan chair and invited the certified personal trainer to create a posing flow to show the best parts of your body. I also got two more chairs we can use during

How will I look on photos?

Before you book your boudoir session, please check photographers portfolios. Most likely you’ll look very similar to images displayed on the site.    I’m a high volume photographer and photographed any age/body type/race/look. Guaranteed you’ll see seriously hot and beautiful images of you. 🙂 Yes,

Check Available Dates

Fast Facts: I’d love if you bring a black body suit (can be inexpensive $20 shipped from Forever 21 or Amazon). And a black PushUp bra.  Then the hottest and the most beautiful photos guaranteed. The first question I ask is if you ate before the

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