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Female photographer at the amazing studio

Before and After

When you feel intimidated by images of beautiful models, look at this photograph. NO photoshop was involved. Both photographs are straight from the camera. One hour between these two images. The power of makeup/lighting/posing. F.L.Y FIRST LOVE YOURSELF Model: Robyn Plus Model and Hair/MakeUp artist

Firefighter fitness photo shoot

I was fascinated by firefighter profession and decided to run glamour/boudoir photo shoots. We all know this profession is very dangerous. I also read it’s the most trusted by public profession. What is very cool, firefighters are the most admired by the public. Here we

Flower Wall

Hundreds of hand-painted flowers…  Got amazing flower wall to shoot all year around; rain or shine.  Right in my studio in White Rock / South Surrey. I also have the dark flower wall:   Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a

The Mystery Location

A new location at my studio. I call it the mystery and it’s perfect for so many ideas including beautiful tush shots. 🙂 Let us do it!!  

BOX photography gym fitness ballet photo Vancouver Langley White Rock Surrey BC Canada

Inside / Outside the box. Box Photography.

UPDATE: Please contact before booking about pricing and availability.  The Box photo shoot priced differently than boudoir. I shoot very unique the Box photos.  Must have if you’re interested in fitness, yoga and etc. Family, kids and pets photos also can be photographed.

Sweater Boudoir Session

I read that sweaters considered coca cola of fashion. 🙂 And the most not sexiest clothing.So, I asked the amazing Raynn-Beau Joy Model to prove that boudoir can be shot wearing a sweater.  Even more, a grey sweater. 🙂  Here we go, out boudoir Wearing

The Dressing Gown. Now in white.

I had a huge success with the black gown and cannot stop now. Added another gown; now it’s in white color.Bridal boudoir, boudoir (looks good on all skin tones), glamour and everything. Come over and have fun at the shoot.  Available during the shoot in

Valentine’s day every day

Single? Taken? Who cares. You’re AWESOME! Brave boudoir; empower yourself. Boudoir mini sessions. Female photographer  Our Facebook Page . If no one told you this Valentine’s Day: You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are enough. You are here for a reason. Your smile

The Dressing Gown

More info:    HOME Got this dressing gown that is provided during the shoot. In all sizes up to 6XL. “I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my


Boudoir does not discriminate women on size, age or personality. It definitely is not only a fit for the Marlin Monroe’s of women. It is for every woman of any background, age, eccentricity and taste. I asked many people what is the meaning of Boudoir and

Vogue Photoshoot

Created a new movie. The photoshoot was so much fun! We were shooting for Vogue 🙂 Yes, we’re so ambitious. With a few pieces of fabric and a couple of t-shirts. For photographers, my t-shirt is from here: And here is the movie:

Pink and Veronica Belle model

AMAZING Model/MakeUp/Hair artist Veronica Belle on Facebook Or on INSTAGRAM pink piNGk adjective 1. of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon. “her healthy pink cheeks” synonyms: rose, rosy, rosé, pale red, salmon, coral; More noun 1. pink color, material,


Please watch these short videos to save time at the shoot.  I ll watch and train you but it’ll save time and will help in the future! And by no means I expect you to be a model. In fact, I love when ladies go

Langley boudoir female photographer studio

My mission: You are beautiful and worthy

After a lot of struggle and soul searching, I found my mission being a photographer. I truly believe that everyone is beautiful (including myself). I’d love to photograph as many women as possible and prove beauty is in everyone.   Especially if you were bulled,


I’m creating videos now. So much fun. Some info what I do: I’m a boudoir photographer based in South Surrey/ White Rock. Female photographer. Langley Boudoir. Surrey BC boudoir. Boudoir White Rock. South Surrey boudoir. Home page: Here are some to view: *** You

Miss Lower Mainland 2016

Latest photo shoot with Miss Lower Mainland 2016 Raven Thiara. Very inspiring! This is what Raven said about her goals: I entered Miss. BC to draw attention to the imminent need for intersectional feminism within our communities. By intersectional feminism, I mean a more nuanced

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