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Fast Facts:

  • I’d love if you bring a black bodysuit and a black PushUp bra.  Then the hottest and the most beautiful photos guaranteed. 🙂
  • The first question I ask is if you ate before the shoot.  Please do not starve yourself. Eat! The shoot is a physical activity. Please eat and drink. Do not worry about bloating and etc. 🙂

Feeling ready to click the button; congratulations! 

I know, it’s a big deal to brave the boudoir and really appreciate the faith you placed in me and will do my very best to take the most beautiful photographs of you.

1. Message me three dates you’d like to be photographed (I shoot during daylight only)
2. On-line; following the calendar below:


  • I photograph during daylight. It means we can start shooting around 9 AM and need to wrap up by 4 PM.  Please allow 3-4 hours for the shoot and ordering.
  • $100 booking retainer is due at the time of booking a session. 

Thank you and looking forward to meeting and photographing you!