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How to Download from Pixieset?

A.  How to download:

– Login using your gallery log in password.

– Click on the download button:

– You will see this screen:

– You will have the chance to select the Sets you would like to Download (for example: Highlights).

You can also choose the download size.

You can always come back to this page at a later time, and select another      size or more Sets to Download.

– You can also select where you would like the download to be sent when it’s ready – to your Computer as a .ZIP file, or directly to your Dropbox or Google Photos account.

You will receive the Gallery Download in a .ZIP file format on their computer, which you can unzip/extract to get the .jpg image files inside.

If you select Dropbox or Google Photos, the images will be available to view directly from your Dropbox or Google Photos account.

P.S.: The email address provided will only be used to notify you when your .ZIP file of images is ready to be Downloaded (in case you do not wish to wait on the Download page for this to be completed).

The email you receive will also include the link they will need to access their images, and Download the .ZIP file to their computer.


On some computers downloads start automatically.  You can see where your downloads went using two options.