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I’m Fat, Scared and Have no Lingerie

Fast Facts:

  • I was blessed to photograph many ladies in any possible age/body type/nationality/look.  Most likely,  you’ll see seriously hot and beautiful images of you. 🙂 Yes, I’m such a badass. 🙂 And you’ll feel like a badass after the shoot.
  • I shoot light/airy, dark/moody and all in between styles.


I have to write about it.


First of all, about “extra pounds”: don’t we all want to loose them. It is endless. Just start loving yourself and work towards your goals.


Also, if you work on your body, photograph the progress. It’s very empowering and motivating to do boudoir.


Second, you’re probably feeling  afraid to pose for boudoir.  Good! You’ll get out of comfort zone and the feeling will be gone in the first 10 minutes of the shoot, and, it will feel good after you do it.  You’ll be proud and empowered.


I found the hardest thing for ladies is to feel comfortable in front of the camera; especially wearing very little.  It’s really not your worry. I’ll take care of it and show what to do.


Another thing: anxiety can act in odd ways such as cold and flu like symptoms, spotting, early monthly visitor, nausea, irritated bowels, sleeplessness, acne breakouts, and the list goes on. Please do not freak out and try to cancel your appointment. Suck it up, show up and once you get there, you will be fine, we will have fun and the images will come out just as good as if you were feeling 100%. Between my posing and Photoshop skills, even if you feel you’re almost post-mortem and we still could make you look like a million bucks!


You say you have  no lingerie to wear for the shoot. No problem, get cheap black body suit, black push up bra and black undies.  And  I’ll take the most beautiful photographs of you.   The bodysuit can be  $20 shipped from Amazon, Forever 21 or on sale in La Senza. The bra should be push up (because you’ll be on your back and gravity wins). Walmart and etc will do the job for the bra and undies.  Why black?  Two reasons: it’s easier to match the bodysuit with the bra. Also, it screams: sexy . 🙂 In addition, if you’re not secure about your belly, it’d be amazing if you bring high waist panties!  In black of course 🙂

Thank you for listening 🙂

PS.: Samples of editing and just a fraction what can be shot at my amazing studio