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What is the most important for makeup?

Girl, I’m so glad you booked!

Under eyes area

Skin (foundation): not at all because I airbrush. No foundation needed


A lot of mascara ($6 L'Oreal Voluminous is amazing)

Lipstick and lip pencil

Blended Contouring

A little (not too much) smokey eyes

Fast facts:

  • I airbrush skin in editing
  • I’m not shooting portraits. I shoot hot and beautiful boudoir. 
  • Bring lipsticks, your eyes with  a lot of mascara, and some concealer under eyes if you have dark areas.
  • The way I shoot is very forgiving.  You’ll get very beautiful (and hot) images. Most likely the best you’ve seen.  And will see how people see you without focusing on some “flows” you know.


My thought about professional hair/makeup:

I’m very body positive and self worth.
I don’t include professional hair and makeup because when you look back on your images I want you to think “Damn, I’m a badass and look good!” Instead of “Damn, I looked good that day”. 

Guaranteed your hottest images if you follow the following steps. And just in case, I’m good at Photoshop. 🙂



1. SKIN: Moisturize your skin; especially under eyes and neck area.  I photoshop skin anyway ; so, do not worry about foundation. Forget about blemishes. They will be gone.

I like this moisturizer from :  Aveeno


2. EYES: 


    A: SMOKEY EYES:  You can try this super easy way of smokey eye (I found it Google randomly; you can do your style):  Click here to view/read

      B: MASCARA: Apply a lot of mascara. The L’Oreal $6 mascara is amazing: L’Oreal mascara in Walmart     If you can do, apply false eyelashes.  If you have eyelash extensions, sometimes adding mascara to the extensions also would look good.  

      C: UNDER THE EYES IS SUPER IMPORTANT: You can research online or if you’d go with better brand, Saphora can match your skin tone. I saw real good results with BareMinerals BarePro concealer.  If you have dark circles under your eyes, there are a lot of youtube videos about this topic. In short, purple marker plus concealer/foundation will do MAGIC.


4. CONTOURING:  I personally like when the dark part of contouring is BLENDED.  

5. LIPS: Bring a FEW lipsticks with you.  And if you have pencils!  BTW, I just discovered a phenomenal lipstick Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick:    ColorStay at Walmart

6. BLUSH: also blended.

7. HAIR: Lazy curls for long hair!!! Or try to make your very best big, sexy hair.


You can email me your photos or links to social media and I’ll let you know what I think what style in makeup and hair would work. 

Also, you can try Shoppers / Mac  /London Drugs / Sephora .