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Posing in Boudoir Photography in Vancouver

Posing in Boudoir Photography in Vancouver.

Hello, I’m a boudoir photographer based in Vancouver. I shoot boudoir for many years and photographed ladies in any age and shape.

I really don’t know who I’ll photograph until I open my studio door and see a client.  I plan the shoot in general using a questionnaire.

All posing flow is created during the shoot after I see a client. During the shoot we do a lot of stretching, arching, pointing the toes and etc.

Sometimes I joke you’ll be a rotisserie chicken and will be rotating in all directions and angles.

I use the most flattering poses I tested during the years.

I also shoot a free style. I let the client to do posing and I fix it to perfection. It’s the hardest part of the shoot but the most rewording.


Looking forward to meeting and photographing YOU!