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Short Hair Cut DIY

1. Cover.

First of all, think about covering your shoulders. Get a polyester cover; it can be a piece of fabric, satin robe or even a big plastic bag.  You also can buy a umbrella style cover. Endless opportunities!

2. Scissors.

a). I’d purchase scissors for hair.
b). I also use

thinning scissors


3. Men:

I’d watch this video. If you decided to buy the trimmer, I’d go with a trimmer that has big varieties of  attachments including 7/8″ and/or 1 inch. You can get some at Walmart under $20.

A HINT: I know it’s super boring to watch youtube videos. You can do two things: 1. Increase speed (click on the gear) 2. Scroll 15 sec (press right arrow).

The same guy with the original video I watched before starting my diy cuts:

4. Ladies:

I got the CombPal (read reviews; it’ll help):

  The CombPal on AMAZON

Watch videos on youtube:


The website of CombPal has more instructions:


I found it’s hard to do diy on the back but it’s doable and I learned how to do it.  You can train your better half / friend to help you.

5. Also, you have to learn how to do layers and bangs.

Techniques I use: 1. Twist bangs then snip with thinning scissors. TWIST HAIR
2. Using thinning scissor everywhere . This technique you can use instead of a razor.
3. Layering technique. You can watch some videos on youtube.

6. Styling

I use Redken Guts 10 after wash (and before I go to the bed). Why at night? Because:
1. I do everything that makes sense to ME.
2. I love to sleep in the mornings. 🙂