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Tag: Vancouver boudoir photography

Female photographer at the amazing studio


Bed Boudoir Photoshoot at Delight Photo Studio

Reasons to do boudoir photo shoot: To feel empowered and beautiful   To gain self-confidence   To improve your body image If you want to go through a boudoir photo shoot, all you have to do is to visit Delight Photo Studio. At here, all the photos will be taken

Why should you go ahead with a boudoir photo shoot?

Seven reasons to shoot boudoir. Are you a woman who wants to promote self love? Then you are strongly encouraged to think about going forward with a boudoir photo shoot. It has become a popular trend among ladies who live out there in the world as well. If you are

Check Available Dates

UPDATE: Please contact for booking: maria  at Fast Facts: I’d love if you bring a black bodysuit and a black PushUp bra.  Then the hottest and the most beautiful photos guaranteed. 🙂 The first question I ask is if you ate before the shoot.  Please do not starve yourself. Eat!

FAQ and Before the Shoot

Thank you so much for booking the photo shoot! Don’t be nervous; it’ll be fun. What to buy before the shoot? I'm so glad you booked!! Cannot wait Black Body Suit Black PushUp Bra and Panties New Shoes Clean Sole on your Shoes What to do before the shoot? First

Instagram & Facebook

I’m adding my photographs on Instagram. If you want to check it our or follow me : Instagram Please let me know if you want me to follow you! Also, here is Facebook business page:  [smartslider3 slider=3]   Facebook And Facebook group: Thank you, Maria


White Sheet Boudoir

White Sheet is super fun and secure way to shoot boudoir. Super flattering and forgiving. Since society has high standards, every woman has insecurities. Everybody think I should look like a cover of a magazine. And this is not the case. Everything should not be perfect. I have insecurities all

Fitness / Yoga photography

Offering fitness / yoga photography.   I photograph fitness  light/airy, dark/contrast and all in between. Perfect for personal trainers, body builders and more. Also, got the boxing settings! Pleases contact me before booking Boxing. It’s a separate shoot. More on my Fitness web site: FITNESS        

Before and After

When you feel intimidated by images of beautiful models, look at this photograph. NO photoshop was involved. Both photographs are straight from the camera. One hour between these two images. The power of makeup/lighting/posing. F.L.Y FIRST LOVE YOURSELF Model: Robyn Plus Model and Hair/MakeUp artist Kathleen Fowlstone from Little Monsters

Firefighter fitness photo shoot

I was fascinated by firefighter profession and decided to run glamour/boudoir photo shoots. We all know this profession is very dangerous. I also read it’s the most trusted by public profession. What is very cool, firefighters are the most admired by the public. Here we go. I’m shooting firefighter fitness/dudeoir

FAQ and Before the Shoot

Thank you so much for booking the photo shoot! Don’t be nervous; it’ll be fun. A little behind the scenes    HERE Seven the most important things I want you to know: 1.  Renew nails shortly before the shoot. It’s almost impossible to Photoshop cracks on nail polish.  Nude nails are

Sweater Boudoir Session

I read that sweaters considered coca cola of fashion. 🙂 And the most not sexiest clothing.So, I asked the amazing Raynn-Beau Joy Model to prove that boudoir can be shot wearing a sweater.  Even more, a grey sweater. 🙂  Here we go, out boudoir Wearing Grey Sweater version. BTW, I

The Dressing Gown. Now in white.

I had a huge success with the black gown and cannot stop now. Added another gown; now it’s in white color.Bridal boudoir, boudoir (looks good on all skin tones), glamour and everything. Come over and have fun at the shoot.  Available during the shoot in all sizes up to XL

Valentine’s day every day

Single? Taken? Who cares. You’re AWESOME! Brave boudoir; empower yourself. Boudoir mini sessions. Female photographer  Our Facebook Page . If no one told you this Valentine’s Day: You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are enough. You are here for a reason. Your smile makes a difference. You are

The Dressing Gown

More info:    HOME Got this dressing gown that is provided during the shoot. In all sizes up to 6XL. “I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe

Pink and Veronica Belle model

AMAZING Model/MakeUp/Hair artist Veronica Belle on Facebook Or on INSTAGRAM pink piNGk adjective 1. of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon. “her healthy pink cheeks” synonyms: rose, rosy, rosé, pale red, salmon, coral; More noun 1. pink color, material, or pigment. “she looks good

Ma Cherie: Maid and Butler Cafe

I went on a very cool event named Ma Cherie: Maids and Butlers Cafe. Absolutely cool people! Here is an introduction:  We are your loyal maids and butlers to serve for Masters and Princesses in Vancouver. 私達は、バンクーバーでご主人様・お嬢様に使える従順なメイドと執事たちでございます。    


I’m creating videos now. So much fun. Some info what I do: I’m a boudoir photographer based in South Surrey/ White Rock. Female photographer. Langley Boudoir. Surrey BC boudoir. Boudoir White Rock. South Surrey boudoir. Home page: Here are some to view: *** You asked, I listened. Added new

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