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Miss Lower Mainland 2016

Latest photo shoot with Miss Lower Mainland 2016 Raven Thiara. Very inspiring!

This is what Raven said about her goals:
I entered Miss. BC to draw attention to the imminent need for intersectional feminism within our communities. By intersectional feminism, I mean a more nuanced deconstruction of gender inequality that extends beyond sexism to also include racism, classism and ableism in its analysis of oppression. Through my participation in this program I hope to inspire an open and inclusive dialogue between a diverse group of women that encourages the development of a sisterhood premised on respect for difference rather than systemic discrimination.

I believe my ability to encourage those around me to explore their full potential to succeed is unique in a society where success is seen as a condition that diminishes when shared. It is my desire for collaboration and cooperation that sets me apart from those that strive solely to be first.

“Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her” by Lao Tzu, is one of the quotes that inspires me the most. It reminds me to work towards accomplishing my individual goals while empowering others in a collective effort to emphasize the importance of appreciating beauty and strength in a plurality of forms.