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Langley boudoir female photographer studio

My mission: You are beautiful and worthy

After a lot of struggle and soul searching, I found my mission being a photographer. I truly believe that everyone is beautiful (including myself). I’d love to photograph as many women as possible and prove beauty is in everyone.   Especially if you were bulled, called names, abused and etc. At home, on street, at school, at work, anywhere…

I’d like to show YOU are beautiful and worthy.

Regardless of your age/body type and another shit you told yourself. Or some assholes told you.

I know better than anyone that feeling when someone bullies or harasses you. And how much you want to feel normal and loved. This is what I want to show you: you are amazing and the best. And nobody and nothing can put you down. Keep your head up high and live with pride.

You’re beautiful and worthy.

This is my mission and my goal.

Thank you for listening,