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Direction when Snowing

Direction when you’re in White Rock already:
Take 16 avenue going west, after 136 street SLOW DOWN and after three houses turn right on the first narrow lane or alley.

Park on the back, right next to my red Mazda and the office door is under the stairs.

Here is your step by step instruction.

1. When you’re in White Rock already driving 16 ave. going west, as soon as you reach intersection with 136 street and see this building (on your right site), SLOW DOWN.


2. In order to get on the back, you have to take a right turn:

3. Here is how the turn looks like:

4. Park next to my red Mazda


5. And the studio door is under the stairs.



6. The stairs:

7. Congratulation, you made it! Here is the door and the doorbell: