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Female Photographer at the Amazing Studio

PRICING Boudoir Photography Vancouver $299 for 100 photos

$299 = 100 photographs Welcome to your $300 Boudoir Photo Shoot! By the female photographer Maria UPDATE: I offer three types of sessions now: 1.  At my studio complying to Covid guidelines. 2.  Outdoor (Please message for pricing). 3.  Virtual Session:  Virtual Photo Shoot. Are you ready for it!  Nobody

Firefighter fitness photo shoot

I was fascinated by firefighter profession and decided to run glamour/boudoir photo shoots. We all know this profession is very dangerous. I also read it’s the most trusted by public profession. What is very cool, firefighters are the most admired by the public. Here we go. I’m shooting firefighter fitness/dudeoir

FAQ and Before the Shoot

Thank you so much for booking the photo shoot! Don’t be nervous; it’ll be fun. A little behind the scenes    HERE Seven the most important things I want you to know: 1.  Renew nails shortly before the shoot. It’s almost impossible to Photoshop cracks on nail polish.  Nude nails are

Valentine’s day every day

Single? Taken? Who cares. You’re AWESOME! Brave boudoir; empower yourself. Boudoir mini sessions. Female photographer  Our Facebook Page . If no one told you this Valentine’s Day: You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are enough. You are here for a reason. Your smile makes a difference. You are

Ma Cherie: Maid and Butler Cafe

I went on a very cool event named Ma Cherie: Maids and Butlers Cafe. Absolutely cool people! Here is an introduction:  We are your loyal maids and butlers to serve for Masters and Princesses in Vancouver. 私達は、バンクーバーでご主人様・お嬢様に使える従順なメイドと執事たちでございます。    

Direction when Snowing

Direction when you’re in White Rock already: Take 16 avenue going west, after 136 street SLOW DOWN and after three houses turn right on the first narrow lane or alley. Park on the back, right next to my red Mazda and the office door is under the stairs. Here is your step by