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Female Photographer at the Amazing Studio

Instagram & Facebook

I’m adding my photographs on Instagram. If you want to check it our or follow me : Instagram Please let me know if you want me to follow you! Also, here is Facebook business page: [smartslider3 slider=3]   Facebook And Facebook group: Thank you, Maria

Fitness / Yoga photography

Offering fitness / yoga photography.   I photograph fitness  light/airy, dark/contrast and all in between. Perfect for personal trainers, body builders and more. Also, got the boxing settings! Pleases contact me before booking Boxing. It’s a separate shoot. More on my Fitness web site: FITNESS        

The Dressing Gown. Now in white.

I had a huge success with the black gown and cannot stop now. Added another gown; now it’s in white color.Bridal boudoir, boudoir (looks good on all skin tones), glamour and everything. Come over and have fun at the shoot.  Available during the shoot in all sizes up to XL

Pink and Veronica Belle model

AMAZING Model/MakeUp/Hair artist Veronica Belle on Facebook Or on INSTAGRAM pink piNGk adjective 1. of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon. “her healthy pink cheeks” synonyms: rose, rosy, rosĂ©, pale red, salmon, coral; More noun 1. pink color, material, or pigment. “she looks good

How to post on Instagram from your computer

I found a way to post on Instagram from my computer and love Insta now! Here is the link to an app with name Later . It’s so easy to use! Just drag, copy and paste comments/tags. After confirm from your mobile. Done. About: I’m a beauty photographer based

Direction when Snowing

Direction when you’re in White Rock already: Take 16 avenue going west, after 136 street SLOW DOWN and after three houses turn right on the first narrow lane or alley. Park on the back, right next to my red Mazda and the office door is under the stairs. Here is your step by