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FAQ and Before the Shoot

Thank you so much for booking the photo shoot! Don’t be nervous; it’ll be fun.

What to buy before the shoot?

I’m so glad you booked!! Cannot wait

Black Body Suit

Black PushUp Bra and Panties

New Shoes

Clean Sole on your Shoes

What to do before the shoot?

First of all, book it!


Drink Water

Moisturize Your Skin



Q: “Will you post my photos on-line?” A: I do not post customers images.  I take my customers’ privacy very seriously and do not use any pictures or photographs in part or in full, on any website or through any medium, for promotional or whatever reason.
I have more than enough photographs with models for my portfolio and never ask customers to post images.

Q: “Do you style the shoot? Do you provide lingerie?”A: Please note, I do not provide lingerie and shoes.

Q: “I don’t have any modeling experience. A: Good! Posing is my specialty and during the photo shoot, all poses will be described and demoed to you and your input will be respected. Regardless of if you have modeling experience or not, you will have a fun experience taking your photographs.

Q: “Can I bring a friend/husband/kid to my session?” A: Not a good idea for friends/family members/kids to be during the shoot.  Guests are for packages $300+  and video/photos are not allowed. 

Q: “Do you provide free photos? I’m a model and etc. Do you provide one – two free edits?”A: I do not. You always can purchase more; for example additional edits are $10 each.

Q: “Are RAW files included in the price? What does it mean original photos? What sizes are for original images? What sizes are for edits?”  A: Raw files are not included.  Original photos are color adjusted and with airbrushed skin.

Edits: Edits will be delivered in Jpeg format, 300 dpi resolution, size 4,000 px x 2,660 px.

 Additional charges are applied for editing in different sizes.  

Original files will be delivered in Jpeg format, 72 dpi resolution, size 2,000 px x 1,300 px.  

Additional charges are applied for different sizes.

Seven the most important things I want you to know:

1.  Renew nails shortly before the shoot. It’s almost impossible to Photoshop cracks on nail polish.  Nude nails are better than not perfect nail polish.

2. Moisturize your skin. Do it at the night before the shoot. And in the morning.

3. During the shoot we’ll do a lot of this: Video about chin

and this: Hands posing
No need to remember it; I’ll watch for your chin and hands.  Just to let you know why I’m doing it.

4. No spray tan before the shoot or let me know ahead that I could prepare different props. I also can photoshop tan if needed.

5. Shoes are better in one color.  And black or nude shoes are the best. Also, bring as many as you want shoes and we’ll go over and can change during shooting.

6. Do not wear too tight underwear/bra/socks right before the shoot.

7. Encourage you to do some exercises, stretching, yoga and etc. We’ll do a lot arch your back/stretch thing. There are a lot of stretching videos on YouTube or I personally like these free videos:   .

Dos before the shoot:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Moisturize your skin to make it supple and will appears gorgeous on camera.
  3. Get a manicure and pedicure shortly beforehand.


  1. I can photoshop tan.  No tans needed especially right before the shoot.  Schedule the tan 4 or 5 days prior to the shoot.
  2. No Botox or collagen a week before the shoot.
  3. No negative self-talk allowed once on set.  Only  LOVE YOUR BODY

Love Letters

“It was my first time doing the shoot and I loved it. The experience and photographs are amazing! Strongly suggest.”

Mrs. D

Happily married

“Wonderful! Maria is an incredibly talented photographer who is also a lot of fun to be around. She is very warm, friendly, professional and precise with her work. Her studio is clean and bright, and I felt very comfortable during the shoot. I just received my final edits and am over the moon. I would definitely recommend her to others.”


Single and loving it